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Boogie Bear

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We don’t need to tell you just how hilariously funny David Walliams’ picture books are. Or just how brilliant an illustrator Tony Ross is. You’re here, so chances are you already know that.

Now the duo has created a brand-new picture book for younger fans, BOOGIE BEAR. It's available wherever good books are sold.

BOOGIE BEAR is all about a big, furry polar bear who lives at the North Pole.
Like your average polar bear, she spends her days happily swimming, fishing, eating and wandering around, just like bears do.

But bears also like to sleep. And one day she nods off and finds herself far from home. She thinks things can’t get any worse.

But they can . . .

Much worse!

Outrageously funny, and with an incredibly heart-warming message, David Walliams’ new book BOOGIE BEAR celebrates difference – in all its forms.

ISBN : 9780008172787
Format : Paperback

Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication Date : 13 Jun 2019

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