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Create with Stickers - Animals

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Add your own pizzazz to these animals with more than 200 stickers to pick from!

Create multi-patterned manes and feathers, and accessorize them with the cutest hats, colourful watches, socks, booths and more - the best part of this activity is that you get 4 sheets of each design, allowing you to create 4 different kooky desgins with the very same character!

• Creative self-expression
• Visual perception
• Attention to detail
• Patience and attention span
• Overall cognitive development

Tentative crafters may look to the instruction booklet for suggestions to replicate some real wacky animas; while expert creatives should take the chance to express themselves freely and come up with their own designs.

A brilliant stickering activity that will inspire lots of creative giggles along the way!

About this item

  • A great sticker kit for the emerging sticker artist; use the 8 sheets of stickers to decorate the 4 animals
  • Mix and match and make it fun as you design your animal any way your like
  • Kit is complete with 4, 8 x 8 inch animal cards and 8 sheets filled with whimsical, funny stickers
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, dexterity, creativity and storytelling
  • A great quiet time craft, or party activity, for ages 3+