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Hear Bear Roar

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Come along on an animal adventure to meet - and hear - roaring bears, slithering snakes, deep-diving dolphins, and more! With classic Eric Carle animal artwork one every page and 30 sound buttons that play animal names and sounds, Hear Bear Roar makes learning new words fun!

This sound book is special because:

  • Hands on interaction engages young readers
  • Connecting words with pictures builds vocabulary
  • Multisensory reading experiences stimulate the imaginations of young readers
  • Features the amazing art of Eric Carle, writer and illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Includes an amazing amount of animals: grizzly bear, deer, fox, wolf, dolphin, lobster, wale, blue jay, bee, owl, seagull, bat, spider, woodpecker, monkey, leopard, goat, eagle, polar bear, penguin, walrus, seal, buffalo, horse, elephant, snake, lion, prairie dog, mouse, and a brown bear

Publisher: Phoenix International Publications, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781450874770
Format : Hardback

Number of pages: 24
Weight: 521.63 g
Dimensions: 294.64 x 274.32 x 20.32 mm

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