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I'm (Almost) Always Kind

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Being kind is super important, but it isn't always easy. Using a goodhearted, enthusiastic little boy's perspective, a lot of sensitivity and a little gentle humour, this story explores the potential pitfalls of trying to be kind, and what being kind really means. To be truly kind, it turns out, you have to try to look at things from other people's points of view. Delicate laser cut holes accumulate as the pages are turned to show how kindness feels and how it can spread from person to person.


Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781474983303
Format : Hardback
Number of pages: 24
Weight: 450 g
Dimensions: 294 x 237 x 11 mm

Open image in slideshow, I'm (Almost) Always Kind
Open image in slideshow, I'm (Almost) Always Kind