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I've Broken My Bum

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The inventive young hero from the bestselling I Need a New Bum! is back! And this time he has accidentally glued a serving tray to his behind - and he's tickled pink! See, it's great for sliding down hill, surfing big waves, and other booty-full fun and games. Now all his friends wants one too!

An international bestseller Hilarious story and illustrations COLLECT THE SERIES I Need a New Bum (paperback, board book) I've Broken My Bum! (paperback) My Bum Is So Noisy (paperback) My Bum Is So Cheeky! (paperback) My Bum is SO NOISY! (paperback) My Bum is SO NOISY! (sound book) My Bum is SO CHRISTMASSY! (paperback) My Bum's on the Run! (paperback) PRIASE FOR I NEED A NEW BUM "I can assure you right now that your kids will love this book.

They will giggle, they will laugh, and they will want this book to be read over and over again because it is just plain silly and funny ... the perfect kid-combo." Storywraps


Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780702300028
Format : Paperback

Number of pages: 32
Weight: 180 g
Dimensions: 251 x 241 x 3 mm

Open image in slideshow, I've Broken My Bum
Open image in slideshow, I've Broken My Bum