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Maisy's Funfair

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Another fantastic interactive title from Maisy with exciting pull-outs and a spectacular pop-up finale!

Maisy and all her friends are very excited - tonight they're off to the funfair! From the dodgems and the coconut shy, to the bouncy castle, the helter skelter and having a screeeeeaaam on the roller coaster. What fun they will have! Brimming over with witty pull-tabs showing Maisy and her friends bashing cars on the dodgems, bouncing on the bouncy castle, swinging on the swings, hurtling down the helter skelter, squealing on the roller coaster and flying high on the big wheel.


Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406343205
Format: Hardback

Number of pages: 16
Weight: 620 g
Dimensions: 243 x 289 x 23 mm

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