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In such a busy world, even little ones need ways to center and calm themselves!

Slowly, take a deep breath in.

And slowly, let it out.

Feel the ground beneath you. It is always there, holding you up.

Mindfulness is an increasingly important topic in our busy and stress-filled world. Introduce your child at the earliest possible age to set up future success and a happy, mindful life. Simple questions like How does your body feel? and prompts like Put your hands on your chest lead adults and children alike on a journey to mindfulness. Feel renewed as you sit, breathe, and share this book together.

This delightful board book with simple text and engaging art from Alex Fabrizio and Hilli Kushnir will guide young readers through basic introspective meditation practices.

From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Big World introduces babies to big concepts--everything from rocket science to music--for the very first time.
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