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My Silly Body and Book

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The body - It's a full-size, full-colour illustrated cardboard cut-out with lift-and-learn flaps on one side that reveal the organs, bloodstream, nerves, and muscles. Here are the guts: heart, lungs, stomach, intestines - with captions that describe what each does. Here is the brain - lift the flap over the forehead and discover the master organ that controls everything from heartbeats (72 a minute) to learning ABCs. Flip the figure over, and it's like looking at a perfect X ray - a complete 4-year-old skeleton, from skull to the small bones in the toes and fingers. The book - accompanying the body cut-out is a 64-page illustrated owner's manual. Learn the mystery of the disappearing bones (babies are born with 300 bones, but have only 206 when they're fully grown). And take a fascinating trip though the digestive system and find out why we really are what we eat.

Publisher: Workman Publishing 
ISBN: 9780761154099 
Number of pages: 64 
Weight: 478 g 
Dimensions: 200 x 204 x 23 mm

Open image in slideshow, My Silly Body and Book
Open image in slideshow, My Silly Body and Book