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Outer Space – Silicone Reusable Drawing Mat & Markers

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Outer Space – Silicone Reusable Drawing Mat & Markers

This HeyDoodle Reusable Drawing Mat features cute drawings where kids can look, find, and count outer space and planet related items. Your kids will have so much fun making it their own they won’t even realise there’s lots of learning to be had as well.

Because the mat is made of silicone, they are washable, wipeable and best of all reusable. Once your child has finished, simply wash and dry the mat, ready for next time.

These drawing mats have been known to have superpowers for bringing and keeping kids at the dinner table! Imagine the conversations you can have with your kids about all the things you would see in outer space.

Recommended age is 2 years +

Each kit comes with one themed reusable drawing mat, a set of 9 HeyDoodle non-toxic markers and a handy carry pouch. We strongly recommend HeyDoodle markers to ensure the longevity of the mats.

This silicone placemat is free from harmful chemicals or substances, FDA approved, non-toxic and guaranteed safe for our little ones.

To clean, simply use a damp cloth or wash with soap and water.

About HeyDoodle (the maker):

HeyDoodle is a mum-designed initiative created and sold from Melbourne, Australia.

We at HeyDoodle are big on REUSING and bringing eco-conscious products to the market. There is a constant design conscious to minimise single-use disposable items within each retail packaging. Everything you find in the kit is very intentional.