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Puzz Art Sea Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzz’Art Sea Horse is a 350-piece puzzle. With no corners and no straight edges, this all-new puzzle format turns traditional jigsaws on their head! As children piece together the puzzle- complete with cut-outs- a seahorse will start to take shape before them! There is a stunning world of make-believe bursting from within. Designed by Muriel Kerba.

  • A shaped puzzle complete with cut-outs: a brand-new jigsaw format.

  • Contains a poster to help with completing the puzzle.

  • A premium puzzle that can be done and redone.

  • Discover a beautiful world through rich and detailed illustrations.

  • The shape of this puzzle is part of the art; build in the shape of the animal and look closely, the theme comes alive within

  • Build this beautiful and elaborate Sea Horse with its ocean theme, its world comes alive through the illustrations, special cut out areas add sophisitcation to the design; 350 pieces, puzzle is 12 x 27 inches

  • Helps develop skills in problem solving, fine motor, concentration, memory, color and shape sorting, and visual reasoning

  • Made from the highest quality materials that resist peeling, fading and creasing; precision cutting assures all pieces fit together smoothly

FSC certified paper.
Made in Europe.
Age 7+ years.
Contents: 350-piece shaped cardboard puzzle (30 x 68 cm), poster

Open image in slideshow, Puzz Art Sea Horse Jigsaw Puzzle
Open image in slideshow, Puzz Art Sea Horse Jigsaw Puzzle