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The Book Of Mistakes

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One eye was bigger than the other. That was a mistake. The weird cat-cow-frog thing? Well, it made an excellent bush. And the inky smudges . . . they look as though they were always meant to be leaves floating gently across the sky. As one artist incorporates accidental splotches, spots, and misshapen things into her art, she transforms her piece in quirky and unexpected ways, taking readers on a journey through her process. Told in minimal, playful text, this story shows readers that even the biggest "mistakes" can be the source of the brightest ideas-and that, at the end of the day, we are all works in progress, too. Fans of Peter Reynolds's Ish and Patrick McDonnell's A Perfectly Messed-Up Story will love the funny, poignant, completely unique storytelling of The Book of Mistakes. And, like Oh, The Places You'll Go!, it makes the perfect graduation gift, encouraging readers to have a positive outlook as they learn to face life's obstacles.

ISBN : 9780735227927

Format : Hardback

Publisher : Penguin Putnam Inc