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The World's Worst Children 2

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As if Nigel Nitboy and Dribbling Drew weren’t horrid enough, David Walliams has unveiled a whole new raft of children so horrible they had to have their own book. Make space on your bookshelf for THE WORLD'S WORST CHILDREN 2!

“I wrote the first collection of short stories with the reluctant reader in mind. I wanted to create a book that would be very friendly for children whatever their reading ability, full of surreal humour and colourful illustrations from the great Tony Ross. This new book has all new characters and stories and I am thrilled to be unleashing these horrible children on the world.” David Walliams

THE WORLD'S WORST CHILDREN 2 welcomes another line-up of disgraceful children even more deliciously wicked than before! This stunning collection of cautionary tales is out now in hardback, ebook, and even as an audiobook with the story uproariously read by David himself!

ISBN : 9780008259679
Format : Paperback

Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication Date : 14 Jun 2017

Open image in slideshow, The World's Worst Children 2
Open image in slideshow, The World's Worst Children 2