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What's Your Favorite Color, Pascal?

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Pascal wants to bring all his favourite outdoor colours home! His big idea: to paint his room. But which color to choose? Each of his friends is sure there's only one best colour - their favourite! Pascal paints, paints, and re-paints till all he's got is a mish-mosh! Kids will love exploring each colour makeover with flaps that let them peek into Pascal's closet, cabinets, dresser, and even the bathtub! This fun lesson in colour goes beyond the basics to teach more sophisticated ideas about colour's natural and emotional connections. Whether they're meeting Pascal for the very first time or rejoining him and his friends in this all-new adventure, kids will delight in this silly-messy-splattery colourful fun-for-all!


Publisher: Tourbillon
ISBN: 9791027601394
Format: Hard Back
Number of pages: 16
Weight: 300 g
Dimensions: 195 x 188 x 14 mm

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