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Wooden Airplane

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Kids' imagination will fly away with this wooden Airplane. Loaded with four play figures and four color-coordinated suitcases, this plane is ready for takeoff anytime. Children will enjoy endless adventure and explore all kinds of destinations. Where will they fly off to today?


  • Nine wooden pieces, including four play figures, four suitcases, and one airplane
  • Every piece is created with the highest standards of quality and design
  • Helps teach sorting, matching, and counting skills
  • Encourages fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play
  • High-quality wooden pieces; smooth-rolling wheels

Discover Countless Ways To Play

  • Line up the play people and ask the child to count them. How many are there in all?

  • Ask the child to identify and count the shapes on the plane, people, and suitcases. How many rectangles are there? How many circles? How many stars?

  • Line up the pilot and the three passengers, and ask the child to pair each play character with a suitcase in a coordinating color. Place the pilot and passengers in the plane, then line up the suitcases in the same order as their owners.

  • Ask the child to create stories for each of the three passengers. Where will they travel today? Will a friend pick them up at the airport? What do they like about flying? Did they bring a snack on the plane? What is it?

  • Encourage the child to act like a pilot by making announcements to the passengers. What will he/she tell them? You can introduce vocabulary such as "runway," "destination," "elevation," "engine," "tarmac," "taxi," and "flight."